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Ecce Venit Cum Nubibus

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Ecce Venit Cum Nubibus, Nilsson


In the often performed "Ecce venit", Torsten Nilsson has assembled dramatic texts from the Book of Revelation to form seven short songs. The work is composed to follow both the Latin Vulgate and the Swedish translation, for high mezzo or soprano and organ. The music is in part expressively romantic, in part dramatic. The voice part is accompanied by an almost improvisationally vivid organ part.


Torsten Nilsson has enriched the sacred solo voice repertoire with several important pieces, for example, Consolamini, consolamini, popule meus, written in 1965 and premiered in Berlin (published by Bärenreiter). Since the voice part of "Ecce venit" is not as technically demanding as "Consolamini", these seven songs stand a better chance of being included in the repertoire of numerous singers.



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Ecce Venit Cum Nububus, op 35
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