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Staffan Storm (1964 - )

L´heure bleue pour piano


”L´heure bleue” immediately catches the listener’s attention with its dark introduction, contrasted with enticing treble trills. The dark character develops into lyrical outbursts and resting chords, and the entire register of the piano is allowed to flourish. The title “the blue hour” aptly describes the mood of dusk, where the last glimmers of sunlight finally give way to a dramatic conclusion. (Pianist Franciska Skoogh)




Briefe zur Nacht for piano


In Nordic art and music, “Nordic light” is a common motif. But there is also “Nordic darkness”. Staffan Storm’s symphonically-hatched piano work ”Briefe zur Nacht” begins in this darkness, with orchestral and menacing resonances. The German title makes us associate “Briefe zur Nacht” with German romanticism. Words like “letter” and “night” convey the intimate and confiding tone of this piano poem, and of the nocturnal darkness that harbours unease, secret thoughts and dreams. (Pianist Hans Pålsson)





Poems for piano, op 242


”Poem for piano, op. 242”, composed in 2008, is truly a sonic work, partly with inspiration from an impressionistic soundscape: bell chimes, harp-like arpeggios, expressive cantilenas, all like dream visions that the composer carefully sorts. (Organist Erik Lundkvist)



The Swedish Art Music Society (Musikaliska konstföreningen) is a non-profit organisation with the aim of publishing Swedish art music. It was founded in 1859. Each year, one or a couple of musical compositions are selected for publication. Often, contemporary music is chosen, but sometimes we publish older masterpieces which have remained unpublished.




Omslag Strom L´Heur




Omslag Storm Briefe




Omslag Karkoff poem







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