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Loyola Allgén (1920-1990)

Veni sancte Spiritus


Allgén was a highly eccentric member of the radical and modernistic Monday Group (måndagsgruppen). Increasingly, his uncompromising compositional ideals led to isolation. Much of his music is highly complex and some is of extreme duration. However, even the highly challenging parts of his oeuvre are gaining increasing interest, not least from younger musicians.


The organ partita ”Veni sancte Spiritus” is among his more playable. In it, Allgén develops the medieval procession hymn into five variations, with the cantus firmus constantly present. The Swedish Art Music Society now presents this work, edited by the organist Erik Lundqvist.


APPRESSO per violino ed organo.


APPRESSO per violino ed organo.
The repertory for violin and organ is sparse, although including works by, for example, Otto Olsson and Josef Rheinberger. In Sweden, the growth of church concerts calls for additions to this constellation. In "Appresso" by Miklós Maros, the two instruments are beautifully integrated in close interplay. Here, the composer exhibits a more classical style than in the majority of his oeuvre. The eight-minute piece has already found performers and appreciative audiences in Sweden and abroad.







The Swedish Art Music Society (Musikaliska konstföreningen) is a non-profit organisation with the aim of publishing Swedish art music. It was founded in 1859. Each year, one or a couple of musical compositions are selected for publication. Often, contemporary music is chosen, but sometimes we publish older masterpieces which have remained unpublished.




Omslag Maros Appresso


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