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Piano, Four Hands

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Piano, four hands:


Andersen, Anton J

Symphony in D-major 4/m 100:-
Arr for two pianos. Published 1903.


Arlberg, Fritz

In the forrest (I skogen) 4/m 50:-
Symphonic poem for orchestra. Op. 10. Dedicated to Lorenz Dietrichson. Published in 1877.


Berwald, Franz

Symphonie singulière 4/m 200:-
For large orchestra. In C major. Arranged for piano by Carl Valentin. Published in 1905.
Fairy play (Älvalek) 4/m 100:-
Fairy play - a musical image for large orchestra. Edited by Joseph Hauer. Published in in 1921.


Dente, Joseph

Symphony in D minor 4/m 100:-
Arranged for piano four hands. Dedicated to Albert Rubenson. Published in 1890.


Hallén, Andreas

A summer tale (En sommarsaga) 4/m 100:-
Op. 3b. Symphonic concert piece for orchestra. Arranged for piano by Wilhelm Stenhammar. Published in 1892.


Lindblad, Adolf Fredrik

String quintett in F major 4/m 100:-
Arranged for piano four hands. Published in 1885.


Norman, Ludvig

Symphony No. 3 in D minor 4/m 100:-
Op. 58. Arranged for piano four hands: the two first movements by the composer, the two last by R Hennberg. Published in 1885.
Concert ouverture in E-flat major 4/m 100:-
Op. 21. Arranged for piano four hands by L G Bratt. Published in 1895.

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